Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This is the time of year when young children are over stimulated by the holiday preparations going on all around them. In fact, they feel the same urgencies that their Mom and Dad feel to get everything ready in time for family gatherings at home or for traveling to visit family members and friends at their home. I can feel and see the excitement when I teach my Talk-n-Drum classes and therefore, plan my lessons accordingly.
In addition to choosing themes that are connected with celebration such as family, food, music and party, I keep the energy level of the songs and accompanying activities high and exciting. This puts all the positive energy to good ‘learning’ use. I find that it is also important to take a few moments while sitting in our circle, to give each child an opportunity to share one family ritual with their piers. It’s a lovely way to foster community and, to possibly learn about, and embrace differentcultures.
Happy holiday to all Talk-n-Drum students and their families,
Nanette Garcia and Maurice Minichino (co-directors & creators)